hellojoli Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

Each hellojoli Teeth Whitening box contains 28 strips for 14 day course, shade guide and advice sheet.

Two year warranty on all our products!

Only 38.95

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How It Works


Step 1

After drying your teeth, carefully tear open the sachet to reveal the upper and lower strips.

Teeth Whitening Strips being applied

Step 2

Place the lower strip first. Align the edge next to the gumline and place the strip on the teeth.
Fold any excess strip over the edge of your teeth Repeat with the upper strip.


Step 3

Leave the strips in place for one hour, then remove and brush your teeth. Repeat every day for 14 days for the ultimate professional results. ​


Claire McCormack
Claire McCormack
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"Great product with great results! Extremely easy to apply. Would recommend everyone to try!"
Mary McNamara
Mary McNamara
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"I used lots of products in the past and I have to say these teeth whitening strips really worked for me! I feel much more confident when I smile now."
Louise McCormack
Louise McCormack
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"Of all the teeth whitening products I've used I found this one the best by far! The results speak for themselves. I had no sensitivity afterwards and the strips were easy to apply with no unpleasant taste or sensation. If you're looking for a product that actually works, I would highly recommend hellojoli!"

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